Nancy Travers


Nancy has over 25 years of management experience in the investment industry.

During her career, she has successfully undertaken a variety of large-scale projects, including the integration and implementation of complex management platforms, for all the companies where she has worked: PSP Investment, AGF Private Investment and CIBC Global Asset Management. She was actively involved in the implementation of the Sim Corp Dimension system for PSP Investment and of Addepar at Patrimonica Asset Management (PAM).

The knowledge she acquired at the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) and McGill University (Certificate in Management, 1993-1996) has undeniably allowed her to develop skills and expertise in all matters specifically related to investment operations.

As Director of Operations at PAM, in addition to the operations team that she directly supervises, she also provides optimal support to the portfolio managers, the Chief Investment Officer and the Director of Compliance, thanks to her in-depth understanding of operational products, while paying particular attention to the needs of the advisory team.

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